Amsterdam vibes

Amsterdam is beautiful. It’s vibrant, bountiful, full of character and inspirational. I came here alone back in 2012 with high expectations and open mind. The city welcomed me with warm air and the amazing feeling of freedom.

My first evening was wandering around the cosy streets around my hostel. It was rather enjoyable. After just 10-15 minutes I was engaged in the conversation with two guys from London, who came to explore the city. Just like me. We went to a jazz bar and had an amazing time! Never be afraid of saying yes, at least never to a beer 🙂

The next two days were full of exploring: sex museums, high citizens and tourists, friendly backpackers, live music and boat trip.

And of course I felt lonely at some point. This is an evident part of travelling solo. There will be emotional moments; a little, or big, cry; isolation or the need of familiar face (even the most annoying one). But it will go away, trust me. Go to sleep, read a book, sit by the river. Cry out loud. It helps. It’s all down to positive thinking. You can’t even imagine how powerful our mind is. No fear, you will comprehend it after some trips alone.

So, take this dusty backpack, fill it with essentials and go away!

P.S. Amsterdam is a great place to start.






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