The power of latitude

Have you ever wandered around on your own? Have you experienced the real power of freedom?

It is such a bliss to walk around the greens, passing humans by with a huge smile on your face. They do question themselves why, but this is non of your business. You just carry on. Happy. With the destination in mind. Or perhaps not. Just go. Walk fast, like myself, or slow down to appreciate the world and this epic sense of independence.

Many people ask me how can I just walk around, alone. Well, if you have never tried it, how do you know if it’s inane? Make this first, rather daunting, step. The whole world opens up. Your mind becomes free. You find fresh aspects of your personality. Did you know you could start a conversation with a stranger? What about this spine-chilling lunch on your own with no one to talk to? (Oh, everyone is staring at me here, they must be thinking I am a freak). Guess what, nobody is interested in you, so you can eat in peace. Speaking of peace, time alone gives you a mental harmony. Believe me, we all need it. We are human beings after all, not robots.



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