Book Review, Cheryl Strayed – “Wild”


Recently I read one of the best books I have ever opened – “Wild” by Cheryl Strayed.

This is a biography, describing an amazing hiking solo experience of a 26 years old woman across America. However, this is not another nomadic story, walking in isolation. “Wild” is about the process of acquiring insights into Cheryl’s personality. “Wild” is about finding your true self away from everything and everybody, to find the answers to questions that were asked long time ago. The story exhibits that sometimes it is so valuable and even necessary to get away and think, in order to understand what to do next, what is the following step in your life.

Cheryl Strayed describes her journey in an intense and very powerful way. It’s sensitive and emotional. Some chapters are dark and sorrowful. Others are revealing and cheerful. Reading the book, you will experience the whole range of sentiments. I must admit that I did cry many times, and I am not the most emotional person. I also think that a lot of people will find something relevant in the book, something similar to their own lives. Strayed wrote the following on Facebook:
“I often get e-mails from readers who tell me we’re connected because their lives are so very much like mine — similar childhoods, similar losses, similar struggles. This experience has been a great reminder to me how very connected we are, in spite of our differences.”

I do recommend “Wild” for those who are in the process of deciding what to do next and what choice to make. The book will definitely help you. And of course there is no doubt that it is such a pleasure to read a well written story.

Thank you.



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