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Do you need to run?


The time is seven in the morning and I am wide awake. From the last evening I had a plan to go for a run so my mental state is ready for the early adventure. I open my eyes and smile is coming out automatically. I know how wonderful I will feel after the work out. I get up (always from the right foot), stretch, have a large glass of water and go to the bathroom. My body is still slightly sleepy but already motivated and excited. The blood flow is going faster. Brain cells are waking up, giving me a lot of positive signals. They say – “It’s going to be another awesome day!”. Next I put on my best running top from smooth and breathable material. The touch is magnificent. My skin is saying big thank you. It should be comfortable for the most productive running session.

It’s 7.10 and mentally I am already outside enjoying first sun of the day. The key is in the pocket and the most comfy and light shoes are on. My feet are feeling rested and ready to support me. No breakfast is needed because the energy is already stored from the healthy dinner (lentils with vegetables). The timer is set up. Go! First 5 minutes the body is getting used to the activity after a good rest. I take it easy. The sun is greeting my face and I smile again. It’s such a pleasure that I cannot stop smiling. People look at me with a confused face expression but they are just not aware of the real effect of morning run. I feel great. I feel enthusiastic about my day and all the activities I have to do. Everything becomes so easy and approachable. I meet another runner and we exchange little smiles. It means a lot. It can make somebody’s day.

I reach my favourite park. It’s calm and quiet, just how I love it. Lots of green trees and grass make me even more happy. I stop and look around. The Mother Nature is so beautiful but unfortunately we take it for granted. I feel so alive, I feel so free! This is the happiest moment – being at the park at 7.30 am surrounded by the nature, singing birds and graceful swans. I do believe we choose to be happy so I choose this moment of bliss. I am at the peak of the heart beat. The body is turned on. There is no way back. The emotions are so intense I want to fly and give love to everyone. I am running back home but instead of going the short way I choose to make a longer loop. The reason is simple: it’s just impossible to stop, like a drug, you want to stay high, you want another line. The time has stopped. I feel so proud of myself. I have done it. The next important step is having my staple seven or eight banana smoothy. I blend them with coconut sugar and it’s ready to give me even more serotonin. The day could not have started better. Now it’s time to rock the world.

So, do you really need to run? I am sure you want to experience the same emotions. And remember, it’s not about your shape, it’s about the feeling. The feeling of happiness, positivism and freedom.


Book Review, Cheryl Strayed – “Wild”


Recently I read one of the best books I have ever opened – “Wild” by Cheryl Strayed.

This is a biography, describing an amazing hiking solo experience of a 26 years old woman across America. However, this is not another nomadic story, walking in isolation. “Wild” is about the process of acquiring insights into Cheryl’s personality. “Wild” is about finding your true self away from everything and everybody, to find the answers to questions that were asked long time ago. The story exhibits that sometimes it is so valuable and even necessary to get away and think, in order to understand what to do next, what is the following step in your life.

Cheryl Strayed describes her journey in an intense and very powerful way. It’s sensitive and emotional. Some chapters are dark and sorrowful. Others are revealing and cheerful. Reading the book, you will experience the whole range of sentiments. I must admit that I did cry many times, and I am not the most emotional person. I also think that a lot of people will find something relevant in the book, something similar to their own lives. Strayed wrote the following on Facebook:
“I often get e-mails from readers who tell me we’re connected because their lives are so very much like mine — similar childhoods, similar losses, similar struggles. This experience has been a great reminder to me how very connected we are, in spite of our differences.”

I do recommend “Wild” for those who are in the process of deciding what to do next and what choice to make. The book will definitely help you. And of course there is no doubt that it is such a pleasure to read a well written story.

Thank you.


You are Beautiful

You are wonderful

Because you choose to be kind to others and yourself,

Because you are profoundly concerned about the environment,

Because every day you are doing a small step to be closer to your main life determination,

Because you say thank you when some kind human gives you a way on the road,

Because you never take for granted the ability to walk, read and think,

Because you also think that life is not about money and status,

Because you respect your parents knowing that one day they will be sadly gone,

Because you travel the world in order to be lost and find yourself,

Because you always eat your breakfast,

Because you smile and don’t let anyone affect your wonderful mood,

Because every day you wake up with only positive and enthusiastic thoughts,

Because you help others and don’t expect anything back,

Because you value your time,

And because you are just one beautiful individual!




Amsterdam vibes

Amsterdam is beautiful. It’s vibrant, bountiful, full of character and inspirational. I came here alone back in 2012 with high expectations and open mind. The city welcomed me with warm air and the amazing feeling of freedom.

My first evening was wandering around the cosy streets around my hostel. It was rather enjoyable. After just 10-15 minutes I was engaged in the conversation with two guys from London, who came to explore the city. Just like me. We went to a jazz bar and had an amazing time! Never be afraid of saying yes, at least never to a beer 🙂

The next two days were full of exploring: sex museums, high citizens and tourists, friendly backpackers, live music and boat trip.

And of course I felt lonely at some point. This is an evident part of travelling solo. There will be emotional moments; a little, or big, cry; isolation or the need of familiar face (even the most annoying one). But it will go away, trust me. Go to sleep, read a book, sit by the river. Cry out loud. It helps. It’s all down to positive thinking. You can’t even imagine how powerful our mind is. No fear, you will comprehend it after some trips alone.

So, take this dusty backpack, fill it with essentials and go away!

P.S. Amsterdam is a great place to start.





The power of latitude

Have you ever wandered around on your own? Have you experienced the real power of freedom?

It is such a bliss to walk around the greens, passing humans by with a huge smile on your face. They do question themselves why, but this is non of your business. You just carry on. Happy. With the destination in mind. Or perhaps not. Just go. Walk fast, like myself, or slow down to appreciate the world and this epic sense of independence.

Many people ask me how can I just walk around, alone. Well, if you have never tried it, how do you know if it’s inane? Make this first, rather daunting, step. The whole world opens up. Your mind becomes free. You find fresh aspects of your personality. Did you know you could start a conversation with a stranger? What about this spine-chilling lunch on your own with no one to talk to? (Oh, everyone is staring at me here, they must be thinking I am a freak). Guess what, nobody is interested in you, so you can eat in peace. Speaking of peace, time alone gives you a mental harmony. Believe me, we all need it. We are human beings after all, not robots.